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You'll Get Used to It: The War Show


Monday June 12 from 7 -10pm
Saturday June 17, from 1-5pm


Glen Rhodes United Church at 1470 Gerrard Street East, Toronto (Coxwell and Gerrard) basement


To book an audition contact Janet Flynn:  janetflynn55@hotmail.com

Audition Requirements:

Auditions will be booked in 10 minute intervals.  Please Prepare One song from the 1930’s or 1940’s or a Broadway Classic.  Bring sheet music in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided.

Please choose One of the audition sides to read in the audition.  You do NOT have to be off book, but should be familiar with the reading.  You will be re-directed.

Call backs: Monday June 19th, 7-10pm

All performers receiving a call back will be sent a specific song and audition side to learn.  You do NOT have to be off book but should be familiar with both the song and the reading.  You will also participate in a group dance session.  Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear for dancing.

The cast will consist of 8 men and 6 Women.

The Story:

“You’ll Get Used to it” traces a squad of Canadian Soldiers and the women in their lives, from the beginning of their enlistment, to the final victory of World War II.  From the rambunctious comedy of their boot camp days, to chasing girls in England, to the terrors of D-Day, this play captures the essence of the era though humor, songs, dance and drama.  It is not your typical musical.  It is very emotional, full of tears and laughter.  It’s a potpourri of the war years, a unique combination of comedy and tragedy, devastatingly funny and beautifully shaded.

Main Characters:

DUSTY – early 20’s.  An “everyman” type of character.  A farm boy with many innocent delusions about the war. We follow his progress from raw recruit to cynical veteran.  Strong Acting and Singing required.

JEAN-PIERRE – early 20’s.  French Canadian.  A bit of a dreamer and drifter, although pretty street-wise.  Joined the army to find some direction in life.  French Canadian accent required. 

DUD – early 20’s.  Very naïve and just a bit dumb.  Probably lived at home right until he joined the army.  Strong comedic skills required.

SHARKY – Late 20’s.  An ex-con, tough, cynical and always on the look-out for something to steal or a girl to make a pass at.  Joined the army because he was fed up being harassed by the police.

SARGE – Late 40’s.  Career soldier.  Tough and Loud, but with a deep-seated fondness for his men.  A serious “straight man”.

POPS – Mid 50’s.  A WWI veteran with a vast repertoire of corny jokes.  He joined the army to re-live his youth and get away from his wife.  Vaudeville style comedy required. (Also plays Smythe, a very upper class British, uptight, by-the-book zealot – English accent required)

The Ensemble:

TWO MEN – to play over 20 characters ranging in age and nationality.  Strong acting skills, and ability to do accents required.

TWO WOMEN (Charlene) – early 20’s.  Soprano vocal range.  Pretty, ingénue types.  Strong dramatic acting and singing required.

TWO WOMEN (Jill) – early 30’s.  Contralto vocal range.  Strong comedic skills, accents and versatility. 

TWO WOMEN (Dancers) – any age, any vocal range.  Strong dance skills, including Swing/Jive, comfortable doing lifts.

Rehearsal Dates:

First read through – Wednesday June 21, 7:30-10:30pm @ Glen Rhodes United Church
During July and August each performer will attend TWO music rehearsals and TWO acting/accent rehearsals, and (with support materials such as recordings) be asked to learn their individual parts at home. (Note: NOT at Glen Rhodes United Church)
Second read through - Wednesday Sept 6, 7:30-10:30pm @ Glen Rhodes United Church
After September 6th, a regular schedule of Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evening rehearsals from 7:30-10:30pm will commence. All @ Glen Rhodes United Church

Show dates:

Thursday November 2 – 8pm Preview
Friday November 3 – 8:00pm Opening Night
Saturday November 4 – 2pm – Matinee
Saturday November 4 – 8:00pm Show
Sunday November 5 – 2pm – Matinee

Thursday November 9 – 8:00pm Show
Friday November 12:30pm – School Matinee **Pending School Board approval
Friday November 10 – 8:00pm Show
Saturday November 11 – 2pm Matinee CLOSING

All Shows performed at Fairview Library Theatre located at 35 Fairview Mall Dr, North York


All cast members MUST become members of Curtain Call Player:  membership fee of $35.

All cast members MUST commit to TWO Promotional events or activities (not exceeding 3 hours each).  These may include small performances for media, Legion Halls, Retirement facilities or at community events; and handing out flyers.

All cast members MUST commit to some administrative functions including contacting potential sponsors, getting donations of items for baskets and social media advertising as requested (not exceeding 4 hours total)

All cast members MUST sign permission for their image to be used for promotional materials.

Non-paying, non-equity.


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